RAM Engineering Associates LLC.


We provide professional engineering and consulting services to our clients worldwide. If you are looking for a reliable partner and quality services, you may want to stop by and browse through the website to learn more about us, who are our clients, what we do, how and where.

Activity spheres


The Transportation - is where RAMengas has an extensive experience. Consulting services, planning, designs and supervision of road infrastructure projects have been the dominant area in our operations. Our road sector related expertise includes:
-policy and strategy, planning and resource allocation;
-feasibility studies and assessments for investment projects;
-engineering designs for roads and bridges, mapping and database development;
-related social and environmental studies and impact evaluations;
-supervision of construction works.
Our geographical coverage is growing and includes Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia and Tajikistan. Our clients are the Governments of these countries and aid agencies, such as Asian Development Bank and Aga Khan Foundation.